Cloud Engineering Services

Today's company, globalized and necessarily successful, is innervated by the information and survives by its capacity to communicate.*

Your ICT (broadly defined) is constituted by clouds of multiple, complex, dematerialised services : Human resources (internal, external, in situ, ex situ, nearshore, offshore) and material, technical et software ressources...

  This is the true cloud ! The whole, naturally, being immersed in compulsory expectations of extreme performance (Make always more with always less means).

This set of clouds (you said "fog" ?) generates flows of communication, problematics, situations, multiple and complex too.

We can help you to see more clearly in these clouds of possibilities, opportunities, means and technologies :

- By advising you on one hand (make or buy, risk sharing, process, organisation, technological choice, new markets...)

- But also by piloting your complex projects, by integrating your teams to improve their performance or solve problems,

- By supporting you in the selection, the management, the evolution of your internal and external resources locally and all over the world.

- Or by training your technical or functional teams.

* quotation Patrick Romagni.

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