Join a company out of the shape !



We look for engineers, project managers and/or consultants to complete an excellent, at the same time successful and human team. Our politic advocates the success of the individual as much as the profitability of the company and the sustainable development. In this context of technical, economic, social and environmental high performance, you will be brought to express as much your professional potential as your human values.

Get out of the frame...

There is no typical profile at Neusta CES, because we don't look for formated people!

The thing that federates the employees of Neusta CES, it is exactly that they have all, outside them business skills and techniques, this little common capacity to get out of the frame.

An excellent reputation everywhere is added to it where they passed, based on one hand on their professional performance, and on the other hand on their state of mind and their values: humility, honesty, conviviality, sense of the service, the opening...

 It is our strength !

We take some pleasure to make our job giving the best of ourself, but also by staying in accordance with our deep values, and in a search for fluidity in the human relations.

You understand what we mean ? so don't hesistate to contact us !

 Robert Verger, CEO.

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