In narrow relation with your teams, we take in charge of the implementation, entirely or partially, of your projects of Web and mobile applications.

We also intervene on the improvement of the application performances, the industrialization of tests and integration.


Our mode of commitment (fixed, technical assistance or mixed support) can be adapted to the constraints and the risks of each of the projects that we handle.

Engineering, production


We can manage the entire engineering project life cycle from preliminary phases ( Analysis of needs, design) until the production phase (hosting, SaaS, etc.) including re-engineering if necessary (technological migrations, etc.).



Our intervention can be targeted only on specific functions or project phases (Management, development, test, etc.).



Definition and execution of tests


Our team can take in charge the entire test phases of an application from execution to validation .



Our expertise, in the domain of application performance analysis and improvement, allows us, through an targeted approach, to size a benchmark platform and to validate the ramp-up of your application.



The strategy and the management of the tests execution is done in close collaboration with the end user, the integration of the platforms of test as well as the execution of the cases of tests is delegated to our distant teams.



Environments of compilation and integration


The cost cutting induced by the cloud engineering allows the implementation of industrialized tools and platforms of integration (Conf. management, compilation, automated tests, packaging, virtualization of development/test platforms). The use of our distant resources allows to accelerate platform delivery in collaboration with your teams.



Development and implementation of instegration tools and instrumentation of the environments allowing to pilot continuous integration phases.



Our teams can also take care of the corrective maintenance actions raised from its tools (rules of coding, metric)





Development Java J2EE JME .Net Php Sql XML, web and mobile iPhone, Android.



Integration Joomla, WordPress, Spip, Prestashop.



Performance Tests and improvements (availability and response time) with use of tools such Sonar Maven, HP Loadrunner and WAPT



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