In a case on two, the outsourcing of projects including teams offshore fails.

Among the causes of failure usually noticed , we find on one hand technical factors due to under/ over-estimation of technical issue (infrastructures, complexity of the projects, Obsolescence of the technologies) and on the other managerial factors due to reticence of decision-makers and lack of implication of key-users.

It was also been noticed that in successful offshore projects, Communication between the local and distant teams was a key factor of success.

Thanks to this experience, our methodology was built based on the principles defined in the Agile manifesto. Our approach is decomposed into several phases. it allows to build then to improve the project management methods according to feedbacks and prepare a realistic, efficient and sustainable ramp-up.

Each phase is identified by its specific activities, its quantitative and qualitative objectives and is closed by an assessment allowing to identify risks, good practises, and success key factors to apply to next steps

Our modes of intervention are jointly defined with you at the beginning of the project and are reviewed periodically to support your teams during the project in the best way .

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